Custom Course Packet

Custom Course Packet


Create a custom course packet for your class (starting at $9 for 6 articles, $1/each additional article and, as always, 1 free “levity” article per packet). Please note your packet will take up to 6 weeks to process. Packets ordered now will be available in January 2020); when your packet is ready we will email you a link to the custom listing in our store—from there students can pay for the PDF download of the packet.

Available Articles (* = new afterword by the author)

*A Historian Annotates the Horrific Speech Given at the Dedication of “Silent Sam”: Every Conceivable Content Warning Applies, by Andrew Tobolowsky

*Ancient Medicine and Fetal Personhood, by Tara Mulder

*Avenging Lucretia: From Rape To Revolution, by Joanna Kenty

*Bad to the Bone: The Racist Application of DNA Science to Classical Antiquity, by Denise Eileen McCoskey

*Bang Rome: Ovid and the Original Sign of Pickup Artistry, by Donna Zuckerberg

*Barbarians Inside the Gate: Fears of immigration in ancient Rome and today (Part 1) and Immigrant labor and its discontents (Part 2), by Dan-el Padilla Peralta

*Black Athena, White Power: Are We Paying the Price for Classics’ Response to Bernal?, by Denise McCoskey

*Classical Tragedies That Could Have Been Prevented With Smartphones: A Retrospective, by Yung In Chae (levity)

Crazy Talk: The Dangerous Rhetoric of Mental Illness, by Jessica Wright

*“Dear Delphi” and Other Not-So-Serious Vignettes, by Andrew Tobolowsky (levity)

*Dearly Departed Languages:Why Greek and Latin Medical Terminology Is Better Off Dead, by Tino Delamerced

*Did History Really Happen? Colin Kaepernick, MLK, and Historical Hindsight, by Andrew Tobolowsky

Diseasing the Female: The Rhetoric of Menstruation, from Hippocrates to the Present, by Zoe Adams

*Do Arrows Kill People or Does Hercules Kill People?, by Michael Goyette

Drag Her by the Hair and Heart: The Manosphere and Ancient Love Curses, by Britta Ager

Erasing History? The Roman Way to Memorialize a Painful Past, by Stephen Blair

*Fat Classics, by Helen Morales

*“I Shall — #$% You And *@$# You”: Grappling With Censorship as a Queer Classicist, by Miriam Kamil

*Iphis’ Hair, Io’s Reflection, and the Gender Dysphoria of the Metamorphoses, by Sasha Barish

*Life as an Iphis: Ancient and Modern Perspectives on Your Hopeless Gay Crush, by Lisa Franklin

*Medea’s Postpartum Obsession, by Donna Zuckerberg

*Palmyra: Queen of the East, by Stephen Distinti

Pandora’s Ballet Box: The Myth of the Irresponsible Female Voter, by Kate Topper

*Queer Classics: Survey of LGBTQ+ Classicists Reveals Community and Continuity, by Hannah Clarke

*Refugees by Fate, Founders by Choice, by George Saad

*Revisiting the “Hellenistic” Period, by Yousuf Chughtai

*Rome’s “Empire Without End” and the “Endless” U.S. War on Terror, by Nandini Pandey

*“She’s only a 4”: The Objectification of Birthing Bodies, by Sarah Scullin

Sing, Goddess, the Story of Tonight: Love Triangles and Narrative in Hamilton and the Iliad, by Mark Buchan

*Spinning Out of Hades: A Journey from the Thesmophoria to Spin Class, by Kourtney Murray

*The American Helot?, by Luke Madson

The Art of Resistance: Rereading Ovid in the Wake of Silent Sam, by Kelly McArdle

*“The Best Doctor is Also a Philosopher”: Galen on Science and the Humanities, by Ralph Rosen

The Body in Question: Looking at Non-binary Gender in the Greek and Roman World, by Grace Gillies

This Is Not Sparta: Why the Modern Romance with Sparta is a Bad One, by Sarah Bond

*We Condone It By Our Silence: Confronting Classics’ Complicity in White Supremacy, by Rebecca Futo Kennedy

What Will Far-Future Archaeologists Think of Our “Papyri”?, by Ben Thomas

*White People Explain Classics to Us: Epistemic Injustice in the Everyday Experiences of Racial Minorities, by Yung In Chae

*Why is Stoicism Having a Cultural Moment?, by Chiara Sulprizio

*Why Thucydides?, by Neville Morley

Women Who Translate: What Happens to Our Deeply Gendered Understanding of the Act of Translating a Text When the Translator is a Woman?, by Bess Myers

Zeus and Friends, by Andrew Tobolowsky (levity)

10 Common Misconceptions About Ancient Rome: How Many of These “Facts” Do You Erroneously Believe?, by Sarah Scullin (levity)

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